Current Exhibitions

Building Interesting Values

An Exhibition featuring Angela St. Vrain and Abe Shriner

On view in The Vault and the Atrium from 12.2.23 - 1.20.24

This exhibition explores the spatial and social architecture embedded within built environments, beginning with referencing the former bank branch office that the gallery now partially occupies, as well as the architectures of other spaces occupied but shared, like rental apartments and public buildings.


St. Vrain and Shriner present individual and collaborative works that respond to the idiosyncrasies of the gallery space, its history and social function. Alongside these site-specific pieces is sculptural work that references rental apartments and the experience of living in these temporary, often cheaply maintained structures, and multimedia works that reflect a predigital approach to historic presentation.


Through abstraction and their use of mass-produced building materials, both artists elevate the banality of these spatial and social forms into aesthetic objects that point to broader abstractions such as money, property and status—symbols of purported values that many in society subscribe to.