Current Exhibitions

going nowhere fast

A solo exhibition by Zachary Betts

On view in The Vault and the Atrium from 2.10-3.30.2024

Zachary Betts received an MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from the University of Texas at Austin and a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Wisconsin - Stout. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at various galleries, including CICA Museum in South Korea, MdW Fair in Chicago, SOIL Gallery in Seattle, FJORD Gallery in Philadelphia, Well Well Projects in Portland, and the Visual Arts Center in Austin, Texas amongst various others. Betts completed residencies at the White Page in Minneapolis, FOGSTAND in Saint Paul, the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, and was a 2020 recipient of the Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Early Career Artists hosted by the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. He is a Lecturer for the University of Wisconsin - Stout in Menomonie, WI and currently lives / works in St. Paul, MN.

Artist Statement

I make objects that pull from a visual and physical vocabulary that I consider “familiar”. Familiarity is about proximity, nearness often rendering the closest objects the most invisible. In spite of their invisibility, they become the containers that get filled with fragments of memory, emotion and place; they ground us in a space and a time. Familiarity becomes a more complicated, often uncomfortable feeling as these objects begin to turn away from functional and material expectations, leaving a rift between the thing known and the thing seen. 

These equivocating sculptures are simultaneously familiar and difficult to decipher. Like artifacts from a world that is akin to but not our own, these objects emulate the forms of everyday objects while obscuring their purpose. The use of acrylic, silicone and various metals intensify their cold, smooth, and machinelike appearance, heightening qualities of the sterile and melancholic while still being emotionally charged. Sometimes made of collage ready-mades and sometimes reproductions of newly made objects, each sculpture combines elements that are industrially fabricated with those that are meticulously handcrafted using a variety of traditional techniques.