More About WHAT

Since WHAT art gallery was started in 2021, the co-founders have strived to create programming and engagement that enriches their local community and creates new connections with new artists, audiences and organizations.

wHAT art gallery started in their Garage, and in late 2021 they received the Main Street Bounceback grant to expand and move into a space in downtown st. croix falls.

They have since completely moved into the Vault of the 102 N. Washington St. building, an old bank now known as Vincent House Commons, who WHAT continually collaborates with for special events and assisting in furthering their overall goal of helping to revitalize the downtown of St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin.

WHAT is currently collaborating with the City of st. croix falls on The Phantom Gallery Project which seeks to bring artwork to the newly acquired Atrium gallery.

The project includes rotating exhibitions in the unique Atrium Gallery from visiting and local artists, special events, and curated Art Walks, ultimately assisting in WHAT's and the City of St. Croix Falls' shared goal of developing a full Art Trail in town to create an engaging experience for the local community and those that travel to it.  

Pictured above is the Atrium Gallery on the left-hand side. As mentioned before WHAT Art Gallery resides in Vincent House Commons whose owner is also committed to revitalization and community engagement.

Above is another image of the Atrium Gallery from the Winter 2022 Exhibition featuring artists who have previously exhibited with WHAT. After the success of this show and positive responses from the community, WHAT approached the City of St. Croix Falls to collaborate on the WAB Creative Communities Grant to support the Phantom Gallery project in the Atrium.

This Phantom Gallery project is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.

In 2022, WHat organized their first artist residency, and is a program they hope to continue in 2024.

The artists featured in the 2022 residency were Manami Ishimura, Nalani Stolz, Jesse Ring, and C.S. Carrier. Coming from several different areas in the country, they all collaborated before and during the residency to create 2 installations that were open to the public for several weeks. The residency also culminated in an opening reception and artist talk. 

WHAT worked with a local business, 123 Studio, to create a successful experience for the artists and the public. 123 Studio hosted the artists and artists' talk in their beautiful, historic downtown space in St. Croix Falls, WI.

Pictured above from the left are: Nalani Stolz, Manami Ishimura, Jesse Ring, and C.S. Carrier at their artist talk, a public event and culmination of their residency. The other two images are from their installations that remained open to the public from 06.18.22 - 08.05.22.

In 2022 WHAT also launched their Halloween Masquerade.

Once again working with 123 Studio and other local vendors including Wisconnies and Valley Sweets, WHAT organized a Halloween Masquerade open to the public which featured fun costumes, refreshments, bonfires, scary movies, and art making.  The costume theme in 2022 was Art, Artists, & Villains, and the 2023 theme is Superheroes! 

A photo corner was set up for participants to document their costumes under the theme Art, Artists & Villains!

A paint station was set up for masquerade attendees to collaborate throughout the night on a painting.

Many people attended as group costumes! The costumes were not required but served as a great icebreaker to start conversations with new faces.

Party-goers included local artists, community members, and out-of-town visitors who were staying in downtown SCF. Our intent was to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone to engage through the lens of art and arts-related events in SCF.